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Addressing High Mortality Rate in Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of under-five mortality in South Asia. SRSP under the DFAT funded project “Women Economic Empowerment and market Development” (WEEMD) chose to address this issue using the community participatory approach. SRSP in three districts Charsadda, Nowshera and Peshawar has trained women activists as Nutrition Extension Workers (NEW) through conducting ToT (Training of Trainers) on Adolescent, Pregnant and Lactating Balanced Diet, Infant and Young Child Nutrition (IYCN).  These extension workers are now working as nutrition focal persons in their respective villages and conducting awareness raising campaigns for the women and adolescent girls. So far, 3600 women attended these sessions.
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The Earth Shook on this Day

October 8, 2005 a devastating earthquake severely hit AJK and Hazara division of KP province Pakistan with an estimated death toll of more than 74,000 people, rendered 3.5 million homeless and destroyed more than 5,300 schools. SRSP with the support of various international and national donors responded to the unprecedented destruction and had reached more than 1.5 million earthquake affected population in 6 districts. Major projects included 62,000 permanent homes, 13,500 tents distribution, approx. 5,000 permanent shelters, 60,857 corrugated sheets distribution, 416 basic infrastructure schemes, 98,972 families with food distribution, capacity building 120,445 persons, 17 medical camps with 5,593 patients, health & hygiene 4,500 persons and reconstruction of 40 schools

Improvement Of Education Facilities Newly Merged Districts

280 government schools have been rehabilitated through major/minor repair work in district orakzai, kurram, north waziristan and khyber. The Schools' enrollment saw increase of 2,351 students over a period of 1 year. SRSP completed rehabilitated work in these schools, under the EU funded “Support to Returnees and Their Communities in FATA” Project, with technical assistance from UNDP and UNICEF.

Chinese Gifts For Women Community Groups in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The embassy of the People's Republic of China gifted electric generators, energy lights and fans to over a hundred Women Village Banks and Women Business Groups in Charsadda, Nowshera, and Peshawar District.
A simple ceremony was organised at the Human Resource Training Center of SRSP in Hayatabad where CEO SRSP Mr Masood Ul Mulk distributed the gifts to the representatives of the women's groups. The representative of the Chinese embassy who was to attend the ceremony could not do so because of the security environment in Peshawar.
Hundred of women's groups have been organised in the three districts by SRSP under the Women Economic Empowerment and Market Development Project that has been established under the Australia Government funding. 44 women banks have been set up under the project with a seed capital of Rs 40 million. Women Groups use these funds to extend credit and social protection assistance to vulnerable groups in the villages. Rs 80 million of this…

Connecting 12 Villages in Remote Pakistan through Road (Chitral)

SRSP in partnership with PATRIP foundation completed 14Km road that connects 12 villages of Arandu Khas and Domail (Pak-Afghan Border) district Chitral in August 2017. 

On the request of local communities SRSP with financial support of PATRIP foundation initiated the construction of another 16km connecting road project that would connect additional 12 villages to main Domail Arandu road, where 7km is already constructed. Upon completion of this project a total of 30 km road would be constructed, improving access to social services for more than 24,000 local population. 

Recreational Activity organized by SRSP

To promote resilience, teamwork, self-esteem, and confidence among the crisis-affected youth of Khyber agency, SRSP organized a recreational event in HeroMela cricket ground Kamarkhel. Youth actively participated in cricket match, musical chair, gola wishtal (Traditional game) and Tug of war competitions. Patriotic songs were played during the festival.  The playground is rehabilitated by local community which was dysfunctional after the displacement.  The activity was organized by SRSP under UNDP funded project. 

Clean Drinking Water Provided in Khyber Agency

Pakistan is seventh in the list of ten countries that have been badly affected by climate change. SRSP tries to make a contribution through promoting renewable energy use and enhancing access to clean drinking water. Recently, SRSP provided clean drinking water supply to 100 households without water wastage through installation of 4,500 Gallons overhead tank with 2,000 feet long distribution lines in village Hunarbaz Kale (Aka Khel), Tehsil Bara, Khyber Agency.
Solar powered water pumps, pumps up water to the tank. The initiative is taken under a five years project funded by the Government of Germany and financed by KfW to support Reintegration and rehabilitation for Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDPs) in FATA.